Shabu shabu?

As you may know, Shabu shabu is a type of Japanese hotpot that you eat thinly sliced beef (and pork) after dipping a raw one in Umami dashi broth for cooking your favorite texture and put it into ponzu sauce made with citrus and soy sauce by yourself. But our style has some specialities for enjoying all seasons with surprising experience every time.
<Our speciality>
1. You can eat the finest quality of Japanese thin sliced beef with the best temperature, texture and taste.
A feature of our beef that has the excellent quality of fat that is marbled beautifully from Miyazaki and Kagoshima, where are in part of being famous for the produce of Japanese beef, is a rich, luxurious taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture. For enjoying every bite and having unforgettable experience, we make it with the best condition with your favor, instead of you.
2. You can enjoy several types of taste for each meat.
This is kind of paring of meat and sauce / seasoning. After dipping meats and vegetables in Umami Dashi broth, we recommend which sauce / seasoning is the best combination with each meats and vegetables. 
3. You can experience this omakase style only here and our sister restaurant shabushabu Mayumon
We also offer some appetizers with creativity before shabu shabu for warming up your stomach and stimulate your appetite for the mains. Head chef Mako makes all of them in front of you at 8 seats counter, that means, you can enjoy totally fresh dishes. This omakase style is offered only here and our sister Mayumonin the world, even there is no place in Japan.
4. You can experience Japanese hospitality
It's hard to explain it briefly, basically we take care of everything from cooking, explaining how to eat to pouring drinks to cleaning dishes for getting satisfied at every moment while you're here. 
5. Eat meats, but keep healthy. 
Compared with a steak and other meat dishes, you would be able to get full (but it's not heavy) with less amount of meat. You can get satisfied with just some slices of beef (and pork)