Thank you so much for your consideration about trying our Shabu Shabu OMAKASE tasting menu.

 Start at 5:30pm / 8:30pm (Around 2 hours)

Please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance as dinner starts promptly at the time of your reservation. 
*We apologize for any inconvenience but we will cancel reservation if party is over 15 minutes late.
Because We hope you always enjoy all dishes we make in front of you within a moment to experience the best taste we offer.
You may have heard the word "OMOTENASHI", which is Japanese styled hospitality based on mutual respect.
While a chef is performing, you should pay respect to us.
Check out our NEW LOCATION "shabushabu Mayumon"  
where offers "Beef Omakase" by shabu shabu.
We hope you will have a chance to try our different shabu shabu course menu which fits well for particularly those who are meat enthusiast

◆ Cancel&Reschedule policy 

 Due to seasonality & availability, reservations are required 24 hours in advance. Allergies are noted, but not always able to accommodate. Cancellations and reschedule are accepted, thinks happens, but we ask for the same consideration of 24 hours. Please email us "", not calling because we sometimes miss the call. Thank you so much in advance.