Shabu Shabu OMAKASE

Dinner is prix fixe at $148 / person, exclusive of tax, gratuity

and additional orders for Miyazaki A5, Washugyu beef and Japanese premium pork etc...



- Food Allergies and Restrictions -


 Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten so far.

Shabu shabu kit

“Exclusive shabu shabu kit at home” is available at cocoron - our sister restaurant. It comes with thinly sliced washugyu beef, Japanese premium pork and house made shabu shabu sauces. Enjoy our shabu shabu in your home.
* We can offer Miyazaki A5 ribeye, Washu gyu and Japanese premium pork with the slice, steak and ground. Please email to with your request.