Shabu Shabu OMAKASE

Dinner is prix fixe at $128 / person, exclusive of tax, gratuity

and additional orders for Miyazaki A4, Kagoshima A5 wagyu beef and Japanese premium pork etc...


*** We currently are full reservations 3 months ahead, so sorry for the inconvenience. 
If you don't want to wait, check out our NEW LOCATION "shabushabu Mayumon" where opened on May 22nd, offers shabu shabu tasting menu as well. They will have a few availabilities in June and July. 
We hope you will have a chance to try our different shabu shabu course menu 
which fits well for those who want to enjoy creativity, an innovative style and eat much more meat.  

- Menu (plus a seasonal appetizer and warm soba noodle after shabushabu in winter) -

Food Allergies and Restrictions

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten so far.