[Update 09.03.2021 - ]

Thank you so much for your continuous support. We sincerely appreciate all of our patrons. 

We happily announce that we and our sister restaurant called Shabushabu Mayumon will be combined on Sep 13th, and will offer our shabushabu course menu at new location - 115 Division st where is the current Shabushabu Mayumon location. 

We would appreciate you to make your reservation here.




In an effort to keep our community as safe as possible, 

we require our guests to confirm they are fully vaccinated to dine indoors. Please provide a photo of your vaccine card and/or vaccine passport to confirm upon arrival.


We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and continue our commitment to our rigorous safety and cleanliness standards.


We are always welcome by yourself, with friends or with families. Please take a breath of relief at our tables, and enjoy  your precious time with us - one and only Omakase / tasting menu in the world - Japanese finest beef and pork with incredible umami explosion. 


World's first SHABU SHABU omakase.
(produced by cocoron team)