[Updated 11.12 2020]
The second slot will be started at 8pm instead of 8:30pm due to the announcement of the government for COVID-19. We would appreciate it to our  guests who make a reservation at the first slot (5:30pm) to come on time or 10 mins in advance. 

We start offering shabu shabu Omakase / tasting menu for only 2 groups - up to 4 guests total at one slot, BUT this might be changed to a group again, due to the reaction of our guests. Protecting all of our communities are including you and us are the highest priority. 


Please read our guideline for COVID-19, especially we will ask you to change your reservation date if you have a fever above 100.4F, even if you come here. Our priority is protecting all of communities, including you and us.


We hope you understanding this situation, and you will enjoy our one and only Omakase / tasting menu in the world - Japanese finest beef and pork with incredible umami explosion.




World's first SHABU SHABU omakase.
(produced by cocoron team)

[Updated 03.17 12:00pm]
Shabushabu Macoron will be closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 situation.

For those of you with affected reservations, our management team will be reaching out shortly with further details.


During this difficult time, we are thinking only of the safety and well-being of our guests and staff alike. And in that spirit, we advise you to take all due precautions to keep yourselves safe.


We will see each other again, hopefully sooner rather than later, in happier and healthier circumstances.


And we'd appreciate if you are thinking about supporting us to purchase a gift card for your families, partner and friends. In this situation, many restaurants are unfortunately forced to let go of staff in order to sustain themselves It will help us to support our employees and reopen soon.