"Private Dining Only" until further notice.


[Updated 01.01.2021 -]

We have decided to offer a shabu shabu tasting menu for 1 person or a group - up to 2 -3 guests* at one slot. A table and seats are right next to the entrance door and windows which are kept opening**, the whole menu will be served in a shorter time. The details of photos and videos are attached on our COVID-19 page.

 * 3 seatings will be available though it will be a bit tight. We will send a picture of how it works.

** We can change seating to outside, or accommodate any requests as long as we could. Please let us know ahead by email or writing down on a reservation note.


Please read our guideline for COVID-19, especially we will ask you to change your reservation date if you have a fever above 100.4F, even if you come here. Our priority is protecting all of communities, including you and us.


We hope you understanding this situation, and you will enjoy our one and only Omakase / tasting menu in the world - Japanese finest beef and pork with incredible umami explosion. 


World's first SHABU SHABU omakase.
(produced by cocoron team)