"You have to eat our shabu shabu with the best condition of your stomach.
Warm it up slowly and stimulate your appetite before shabu shabu.
All appetizers are for this. Of course these must be flavorful and unexpected."
A chef Mako offers shabu shabu OMAKASE tasting menu that is the only one restaurant in the world.
Only 8 counter seats and an open kitchen show up when you open the door.
And she will welcome you with smiling.
She is a bit shy, so it might be hard to make you enjoy by her talk.
But, once you see her attitude of the way of cooking and taking care of you with gentle explanation for all dishes she serves,
you must be into it.
Mako Okano
Learned about cooking skill, creativity and hospitality
at popular soba noodle spots & a Japanese curry spot " cocoron / GOEMON"