Why it's hard to make a reservation. We think we are offering the only one experience with our special treatment - With offering the way of "shabu shabu" to eat the highest grade Japanese wagyu beef, a young lady chef cooks for you and takes care of you in this relaxing atmosphere at only 8 counter seats in a small restaurant - will be expanded at our upcoming sister's restaurant this winter because it has been much more popular than we expected. 

     At this time, we'll offer 100g of special wagyu beef that our farm producer provide us for the celebration of that to limited 10 guests with huge gratitude.

     Please send a picture of our poster attached on the facade at this sister's restaurant to and make a reservation on yelp. You will probably take it 2 -3 weeks ahead, but will be able to have an experience with the unforgettable treatment with the highest grade beef, and a chef's rare treat. Please check out more detail is introduced by New York Times and New Yorker below. 

Restaurant Review by Pete Wells (Web: 06.12.18 / Newspaper: 06.13.18)

      Photo: Cole Wilson

Table For Two / Restaurant Review (Web & Magazine: 05.21.18)

 Photo: Zachary Zavislak